Thursday, August 20, 2009

Google caffeine- Speed up results

After long period of time, I start posting again.It was not easy that wrote posts when you have lot of work but I think spreading what you know is wonderful task. During my written posts google launch caffeine architecture and start from.

Google added new dimension calling caffeine to its search engine architecture in terms of crawling, indexing, and ranking changes. The new architecture is not incorporating these changes into their existing infrastructure or replacing it. They are providing developer preview & asking them for feedback.

Normal internet user can’t feel the difference of both searches. I also could not differentiate between the results gioogle & caffeinated results. After reading posts I opened both url & then find some difference.

While the biggest visible changes in Microsoft’s relaunched search engine, Bing, are user-interface related, Google’s new search is only infrastructure related and includes no UI changes.

You can check out the new results at offers side by side comparisons of new Google + old Google.