Friday, February 27, 2009

How flash can be optimized?

flash optimizationToday, you can find many web sites built upon principles conflicting with principles of search engine optimization, which should be dominant for every high-quality web resource. Flash sites, created by talented designers, look more impressive and attract web surfers. Usage of this software of Macromedia for animate banners and advertising movies could be the best decision. Flash movies can be a great thing for your site or your online business campaigns. They can draw attention of visitors, and they can help tell a story of your website, better than plain text.
If you are interested in Flash Search Engine Optimization, you can find out that the first search engine that claimed to support Flash file format.
We should embed primary navigation and important content inside a flash movie. A good part of the sites home page is flash which attract visitors to stay on the site.
When i am using flash that time i was unaware of these stuff.After that i come across Todd Perkin which is author and optimizer.He publish their book on flash opimization which i want to share with you.
You know that flash is used more now and mainly two reasons why we use flash on web sites.
It rise the animation's impact in the Internet interactive and visual environment.

During flash optimization these things should be clear in mind:

Clean design
Search Engine Optimization
Accessibility for a wide variety of browsers, including screen readers and mobile gadgets
Code validation and standards compliance
Correct functionality with all web browsers