Tuesday, October 27, 2009

webmaster tool verification for bloogers- Google improvement

Google announced its improvement over webmaster tool regarding verification system.It directly affect that those blogs hosted on blogger & that have not verified yet will have use meta tag verification method rather than just click on dash board to integrate this stuff.well, this will affect little bit in my point of view coz content is more important if you add unique and fresh content in your blog hosted at blogger.
They are also saying that we are working on automated verification but no need to take this kind of step if they working on.Some bloogers really harras but changing is part.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Google caffeine- Speed up results

After long period of time, I start posting again.It was not easy that wrote posts when you have lot of work but I think spreading what you know is wonderful task. During my written posts google launch caffeine architecture and start from.

Google added new dimension calling caffeine to its search engine architecture in terms of crawling, indexing, and ranking changes. The new architecture is not incorporating these changes into their existing infrastructure or replacing it. They are providing developer preview & asking them for feedback.

Normal internet user can’t feel the difference of both searches. I also could not differentiate between the results gioogle & caffeinated results. After reading posts I opened both url & then find some difference.

While the biggest visible changes in Microsoft’s relaunched search engine, Bing, are user-interface related, Google’s new search is only infrastructure related and includes no UI changes.

You can check out the new results at CompareCaffeine.com offers side by side comparisons of new Google + old Google.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SEO Budget Increases Comparatively Paid Search Budget

Latest report shows that SEO budgets will increase in the next five years, while paid search budgets will decline relative to the overall marketing budgets for companies.

The growth for SEO campaigns will increase from 17.7% in 2009 to 20.3% in 2013. At the same time, growth for paid search campaigns will decline from 15.9% in 2009 to 11.3% in 2013. Growth for both SEO and paid search both will decline between 2008 and 2009, due to the economy.

Here is a chart with those percentage breakdowns:

Search marketing will continue to grow over the years, reaching $23.4 billion by 2013, up from 12.2 billion in 2008. SEO spend will grow from 1.5 billion in 2008 to 3.85 billion in 2013, while paid search will grow from 7.7 billion in 2008 to 14.7 billion in 2013. By 2013, SEO will account for more than contextual ads, which will be earning just 3.6 billion, compared to SEO at 3.85 billion.

Chart with the dollar breakdowns:

Friday, February 27, 2009

How flash can be optimized?

flash optimizationToday, you can find many web sites built upon principles conflicting with principles of search engine optimization, which should be dominant for every high-quality web resource. Flash sites, created by talented designers, look more impressive and attract web surfers. Usage of this software of Macromedia for animate banners and advertising movies could be the best decision. Flash movies can be a great thing for your site or your online business campaigns. They can draw attention of visitors, and they can help tell a story of your website, better than plain text.
If you are interested in Flash Search Engine Optimization, you can find out that the first search engine that claimed to support Flash file format.
We should embed primary navigation and important content inside a flash movie. A good part of the sites home page is flash which attract visitors to stay on the site.
When i am using flash that time i was unaware of these stuff.After that i come across Todd Perkin which is author and optimizer.He publish their book on flash opimization which i want to share with you.
You know that flash is used more now and mainly two reasons why we use flash on web sites.
It rise the animation's impact in the Internet interactive and visual environment.

During flash optimization these things should be clear in mind:

Clean design
Search Engine Optimization
Accessibility for a wide variety of browsers, including screen readers and mobile gadgets
Code validation and standards compliance
Correct functionality with all web browsers

Sunday, June 29, 2008

LSI based SEO

Latent semantic indexing is new technique used by top search engines.Now internet is the great source of information.We enter keyword and search engine looking for articles and websites which contains that specific keyword..In fact,that specific keyword an produce millions results.Some words enclosed in quotations marks for search engine to see it as whole put some times certain topics which can't appear because of lack of keyword so goggle give a better way of getting good search in search engine by Latent Semantic Indexing.

LSI is collection of related keywords or information from your website content.During search, Search engine takes keyword as whole entity instead of separate entity.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Social bookmarking is the way for internet users to share, store and search Internet bookmarks.There are a many ways to use bookmarks to improve your overall site popularity.

Actually Websites are needing more and more ways to increase traffic to their websites. Even though the time and money spent online is increasing, so to is the bulk of websites for which people can spend time and money.Search Engine Optimization brings people from search engines to websites.Social Bookmarking brings people from social media sites to websites.

Some Bookmarking Sites

Mister-Wong dzone.com

Hopefully you can see the value and power of social bookmarks.It can be a powerful grassroots method of marketing your site.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Effective E-mail Marketing

We talk about online marketing, it's mean refer to Search Engine Optimization and PPC. Email marketing one of the most powerful methods to reach potential customers and to attract existing customers coming back .In Email marketing , most of the mails are spam but careful strategy need not be problem.

There are a number of tricks to a successful email marketing and by which you can improve your results. The key to success,most commonly lies in the planning stage – if this is your first foray into email marketing then is prepared to treat it as a test run.I am mentioning ten rules to keep in mind before start to email marketing.

Determine Your target

This might be clear, but having a goal in mind will help to focus your efforts. There are many effective uses of an email marketing from increasing brand awareness to pushing a new product. Each of these uses typically demands a different campaign with its own style and its own components.

Your Email List

There are a couple of key. YOUR opt-in list will produce better consequences than the use of somebody else's list. If you have taken the time and put in the effort to grow your own list, then the members of that list will already have some degree of awareness for you, your products, and your website.

Observe Performance Techniques

Tracking the performance of any advertising campaign should be foremost in your mind. This is the only true method of determining its worth and is the only way you can optimize your advertising to generate the best possible results. Web analytics are an absolute must-have, and with the wealth of affordable and even free choices available today there is no reason not to have a good analytic package in place.

Prepared Your Website

Directing visitors to your website is only a portion of the battle ahead. Once a reader clicks through the links in your email, you then need to be confident that your web pages are optimized to complete the sale. Conversions rates need to be high on the pages you direct traffic to, but you also need to target the traffic to the most appropriate pages and vice versa.

An Effective Subject

The subject of your email is the first thing your readers will read, and you need to ensure that it won't be the last. Human spam filters can be just as difficult to avoid as software spam filters, even for genuine email.

Content of Email

Finally we reach the main body content of the email. That it's taken to point six to do so is an indication of how important the planning and preparation stages are. The subject line has hopefully driven a good portion of your list to open the email, and those readers should be intrigued enough to want to read more.

Give Hyperlinks to Your Site

The entire of your email is to get readers to click on links and visit your website. Include two or three links in the body of your email and make sure they are relevant without being too obvious. Lead readers to click the links rather than directly point it out and find something more effective than “click here” to use as your anchor text.

Time to Send Your Email

The time you send your email can have a significant impact on its effectiveness. During the night, most people's emails fill up. In a lot of cases, this can mean that your reader will be faced with tens of emails in the morning, many of them rubbish. This leaves a very real chance that they will simply ignore or delete your email without noticing who sent it, what it is about, or whether they have any interest in reading it.

Check Email

Initially, send a test email to yourself, friends. Once you have done this and are happy with how your email looks, you should then move on to send a second test email to a small selection of your list. This gives you ample opportunity to make any last minutes changes according to how this small test run performs.

Observe, Optimize, and begin Again

Being careful not to send emails too recurrently, you should send regular communication to your list. An unloved list will be more likely to unsubscribe and readers become most responsive after approximately seven items of communication from you. Monitor results, check bounce rates, and look for ways that your campaign could be improved.

Hope all these things help you to promote your business online.